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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Church teaches that "the Christian faithful ... become sharers in Christ's priestly, prophetic and royal office in their own manner, (and) they are called to exercise the mission which God has entrusted to the Church to fulfill in the world, in accord with the condition proper to each one." (Codex Iuris Canonici) Also, that "Christ fulfills His prophetic office (by establishing the faithful) as witnesses, and provides them with the sense of the faith and the grace of the Word" (Lumen Gentium)... "to teach in order to lead others to faith is the task of every preacher and of each believer" (Thomas Aquinas)... "(the faithful) fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization, the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life." (Lumen Gentium)

Thus this blog will address issues of the Church's mission, and our derived individual missions, each Tuesday. Hooray!