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Saturday, December 17, 2005


...I am banking on the sympathy of all fellow grad students when I say that the Fall semester is just over and Out With a Bang. Hallelujah. Now the countdown till Christmas rejoicing can begin properly.

Lest my work never gets any closer to future publication and Kingdom service than this humble post, below are the topics of interest which Almost Killed Me this semester. I really hope that some of you will send on a brief abstract on your own completed work to me for upcoming blog conversation... please do.

1. The Politics of the Little Child: Kierkegaard and Yoder on Model Discipleship.
2. To Them Belong the Covenants: A Theological Reflection on Paul's Use of Diaetheke in Romans.
3. But Faith Also Prays: Augustine's Useful Signs for Ecumenical Dialogue on Justification.
4. Sola Bonitas: Origen's Soteriology of Unification.