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Thursday, February 02, 2006

And on a lighter note: Earl Grey

As every grad student knows, Hot Beverages are extremely important.

I dont know why, but I sort of panic when I know that hours may pass before I can get to a Starbuck's or our school's refectory- which is pathetic.

An instructor opened a seminar the other day by urging everyone to "feel very comfortable bringing beverages to class, so that we can moderate the mood" (it's a rather tense discussion in there). Amazing.

More amazing though, is my recent switch from coffee to tea... I am so perplexed about it. In law school, I drank coffee, buckets of it. But now Ive Moved On. I am absolutely obsessed with Earl Grey tea with nonfat milk. Yummmmm. But I dont get it. Why this shifting loyalty?

Any thoughts/diagnoses? CMK?