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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's all rather ironic.

I was up intermittently throughout the night trying to offer solace and humble counsel to Fr. WB from his parents' guest room as he paced and fretted about the future of a Communion that he led me by the hand to join just last fall.

For the record, the Immenent Transition that must surely be upon us in the fact of NO APOLOGY will not effect me much, apart from Fr. WB's sleepless nights; I have always been an ANGLICAN, in as much as my confirmation was conferred by Bishop Dunston of Uganda. But I stand at the ready- and our lovely Drew, our faithful RC brother at Holy Whapping, has read my mind this morning. I am hoping he will put in a good word for we disenfranchised somewhere over the Tiber.

And yesterday, a likely Boston think tank published my recent article on the nature of effective apologies. But then, I am a woman and a conservative.