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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some Reasons Why I Don't Share My Faith

... on an off day: (HT to those remarkable guys at Rebelution)

#8 - I might get beaten up, kidnapped, mistreated, manhandled, or taken for a troubled flirt
#7 - I won't make sense to my Skeptical and Sophisticated audience
#6 - I Might Be Ridiculed!!!!!
#5 - I will not know how to begin/conclude/ find the Middle Ground for Constructive Dialogue
#4 - I'll be a bad, intolerant, inconsistent witness anyway
#3 - I'll say the wrong thing and be taken for an Insensitive Fundy
#2 - ... or worse, I'll be taken for a Religious Nut
#1 - I don't know enough yet... (sniff)

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What if every one of you dear readers bore a heartfelt desire to really SHARE the Gospel with your world? I think it would be pretty wonderful. And how fun, really. I have been into subtle tactics lately. But I recall my younger days when I would outright TALK to strangers, and I feel inclined to return to that point. I am always surprised at how quickly a friendly conversation can turn from commentary on the weather/politics/demographics/ to spiritual things, and then...

Any creative ideas on how to better carry out our duty to Share the News?