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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Small and Sincere Tribute

Everyone, this is Tony and today is his birthday, and an occasion for the people who love him to say hey and thanks and congrats.

Here is my chirp: Tony, a best friend from college daze and a true colleague in campus ministry, is one of those people who make me smile at the way the Holy Spirit is so intent in getting the world to know something of the energy and generosity in the personality of our Jesus. Tony has always made alive to me the reckless, joyous abandon of that Lord who would run headlong into the world for a cross and a thronging herd of dirty people. And lest I seem to wax hyperbolic, let us pause and reflect on the generous life of a guy who was the first one you went to if you just wanted to talk about Jesus, knowing that he would stay up all night long if necessary to accompany you in the contemplation; who would then be up at five AM to strum his guitar for morning worship, regardless of who showed up; who would give anything away in order to know for sure that he had shown adequate love in any given moment.

Most recently, he and I traipsed through the Catacombs of St. Callixtus in Rome, although he did have to stop every few minutes to converse with Asian tourists. I kept thinking how appropriate it was to explore those earliest locations of the love of Jesus with someone who carries it on so well today. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Please, please keep it up.