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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chains: Chinese Christians

Remember those in chains, as bound with them.

This article from Sky News highlights the Archbishop of Canterbury's visit to China this week, where he will speak and celebrate at state-approved "churches;" but most likely, ++Rowan will NOT step into the arena of persecuted house churches. The article is great; you can find it here. However, it only affirms my confusion as to the differences between China's state approved churches and the illegal house churches. Can anyone help us out here by providing clarification?

Excerpt from the article:

"The Archbishop could quite easily ask the British Embassy to provide him with any number of underground churches and underground Christian contacts.

I would love to take him to one. He need only take a taxi and go.

His hosts will hate it but they can hardly stop him. He would learn a lot and his visit would highlight the plight of the tens of millions of Christians being persecuted for practising what they believe in."

Special thanks to an anonymous commentor, who suggested Jesus in Beijing as a helpful title on point.