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Friday, October 27, 2006

Chains: Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Remember those in chains, as bound with them.

... Because they are very much alone. Because, though they are made in the image of God, and though Christ died for them, their intrinsic and invaluable human worth is denied by our legal system, making them susceptible for extreme abuse- for which we will be held accountible. Because our final loyalties are to the Savior of mankind, not to our national borders.

May these prisoners of war be treated with the grace and mercy that we have known in Christ.

While you are at it, see the entirety of what the Rev. J Tron has to say. In the interim, here is an excerpt. I said Amen.

More importantly though, the value that Christians must consider in this debate is the value of life itself. We claim that we are a people of life, that there is an intrinsic value to human life that cannot be denied. We stand with Saint Paul to say that there is no Jew and no Greek in Christ, only the person. All right religion points back to this central understanding of the sacred nature of the gift of life. This is our most treasured value. This is the hallmark of how we understand the universe and our place in it. If this is so then it must always be so, not just when it is convenient. If it is so for the best of people, it must be so for the worst. If it is so for the unborn child, or even possibly for the potential cells in the petrie dish, it must certainly be so for those who languish away in our prisons, regardless of their nationality and regardless of the crimes they may or may not have committed. Once we give up on this argument and agree to the moral neutrality of torture, we can no longer hope to be a people of life or the gospel.