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Monday, October 09, 2006


This weekend's New York Times featured an article on the largest recent commission of hand-painted porcelain in the past century. The theme of the aristocratice soup tureens, salad plates, and saucers produced by Royal Copenhagen? Hippopotami. That's right. The fabulously realistic depictions on the china were inspired by the patron's love for a childhood cartoon of a beloved hippo named Sal, or something like that. Even more fun, the research behind this project was blogged by Ms. Sarah Louis Galbraith, who had toured the world's zoos observing their hippos- you can find "Joined at the Hippo" here.

This moment of levity brought to you by 1) our lectionary's reminder to ask for a reverence for the earth 2) God's own inimitable sense of humor and 3) the color hippopotamus grey.