Blog Template Theology of the Body: A Week of Catholic Social Teaching II

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Week of Catholic Social Teaching II

1. Dignity of the Human Person

The dignity of the human person is the foundation and starting point for a moral vision of society, since we know from Scripture that we are made in God’s image (Gn 1:27). Thus, human life is sacred and our primary responsibility as Catholics is to safeguard it and respect it. However, care for life should extend beyond the womb, which means that fundamental human rights such as food, shelter, clothing, employment, health care and education should also be ensured for everyone.

2. Common Good and Community

The human person is sacred, but it is at the same time social. We are not called to live isolated from our neighbors and our dignity can only be achieved in a context of relationships within society. Moreover, these relationships will safeguard the dignity of the human person and encourage community growth as long as society is organized properly in regards to economics, politics, laws, and policies. All of these elements should work together to bring above all the good of the whole society, in other words, to ensure the common good. (Rerum Novarum, 34)

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