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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Noah Webster and the Expurgated Bible of 1833

"He merely corrected the worst flaws of the text from the standpoint of an (the Bible) there were some expressions 'so offensive... as to create a reluctance in young persons to attend Bible classes and schools, in which they are required to read passages which cannot be repeated without a blush.' "

Oh dear. More here.

The orthodox threw a fit over what was done to personal pronouns in the RSV room at Yale and, but this Bible has "offensive" passages entirely omitted. The Canon which the Church takes to be the Word of God is simply not ours to redact. Please. Once again, friends, if it is not the Church who is authorizing the Scriptures, it will be the incidental ploughman. -Better let the Church do it, I would humbly submit.