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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

SHRINE EXCLUSIVE! George Weigel Speaks!

Everyone run over to see our friends at Shrine of the Holy Whapping, and enjoy their exclusive hosting of commentary by papal biographer and acclaimed author, George Weigel, courtesy of us, dear Mr. Weigel, and that amazing organization, the World Youth Alliance. You will not be disappointed with either.

George says:

"If Krakow is the first of our two cities, the second city is Toronto, where, this past summer, the XVI World Aids Conference was going on. It got the usual cursory attention in the press: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and so forth. Yet in fact what was in fact going on was a kind of Saturnalia. The leading official representing the U.S. government at this conference is one of my oldest friends, a man who has seen a lot in his time. Yet he told me, a few weeks ago over lunch, that “I was physically ill at the conference.” Why? Because it was not, largely, about helping people with AIDS; it was about affirming the most bizarre expressions of human sexual willfulness, and doing so in public. My friend said, “I was just physically ill at this display of decadence.” The World AIDS Conference was not about compassion; it was not about caring; it was not about cure; it was about the assertion of the self. And in the midst of that horror show, there were Dr. Tim Flanigan and these World Youth Alliance kids standing for something else: standing for the true dignity of the human person made in the image and likeness of God."

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