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Sunday, February 18, 2007

An Anglican Communion Interim Arrangement

... To be precise, The Anglican Communion Institute has a PROPOSAL FOR AN INTERIM ARRANGEMENT WHILE AWAITING A CONCILIAR COMMUNION COVENANT. Read the whole thing here.

The proposal is for 1) discipline of the Episcopal Church, 2) some sort of partitioned-off grouping of various conservative entities on an interim basis, and 3) an orderly "covenant process" that will eventually cause a permanent re-ordering ...or "reconciliation." (?)

What Various Parties have sought in long-term and in a permanent fashion -- the creation of "constituent" and "associate" levels of "Anglicans," with constituent members being in communion within the Anglican Communion -- the ACI proposal seeks to do in a provisional fashion within TEC until the covenant process has been completed.

Uncomfortable Critiques, Mental Reservations, Etc.:

1. The authors appear to place trust in "some form of agreed negotiated settlement with the Presiding Bishop/815/HOB, etc."

2. The proposal asks those parishes which have left TEC recently and come under the oversight of an overseas bishop -- to "continue to give financially to those from whom they have distanced themselves."

3. The authors hold that "those provinces currently ‘holding’ departed parishes "to "transfer their parishes to the college for them to exercise jurisdiction and arrange oversight in the manner described above. They would refuse to ‘receive’ any other parishes and instead direct them to affiliation with the college." - This at a time when conservative parishes are generally leaving ECUSA not because they do not agree with their bishop, but because they have made the theological determination that the Episcopal church is likely "too far gone" to actually be a church at all, and they do not wish to be connected with it.

- Quoting generously from Sarah Hey, Stand Firm, HT T19, etc.