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Thursday, March 08, 2007

... The One in whom he is does His work through him, for the sake of which he is entirely freed by the witness of God Himself ... who is the worker of this work to the profit of this Soul who no longer has within him any work.

These showings make him deep, large, supreme, and sure.

The liberated soul believes that) there never was, nor is there, nor will there ever be anything worse than she, nor (anything) better loved by the One who loves her.

You have nothing to delay in giving up yourselves, for no one can rest in the highest restful repose if he is not fatigued first -- of this I am certain. Let the Virtues have what is theirs in you by sharpening the will in the core of the affection of your spirit until they have acquitted you of what you owe Jesus Christ.

There is no greater life than always to will His will.

- Marguerite of Poret, 1306