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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why do we bother?

Readers, I have written on this before. There are more than a few posts on this blog recounting the importance of orthodoxy, and calling for Christians to uphold the truth and clarity of the Gospel in a world that is rife with lies about who Jesus Christ is. But I am having a bit of a slump tonight. I have just finished reviewing the new web site of an enterprising Christian education initiative. The project is full of bright shining faces, lives that reflect God's love. But the thing is ridden with the worst kinds of heresy deep under the surface- allegations that Christ has not come in the flesh, and so on.

This makes me so sad. I need to review this project. I need to do so in love and clarity, and I am very tired. So, help me out. Why do we bother with orthodoxy? - Why not just let a few mistakes slide, hug the enemy, and go on our merry way?

Torquemada, pray for us.