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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Party in the City!

Friends of mine in New York are planning a party for bloggers this weekend! - I wish I could be there, but some of you may be in the area...if you go, you will meet some of the finest, funest, and best young Christians on the planet.

Alarming News is spreading the word. The hostess writes:

"There will be a blogger party this Saturday: It will start at 9pm. The location will be announced by Thursday. You should be there.

As always, the blogger party is open to all bloggers (political
bloggers, poker bloggers, food bloggers, whatever) and their readers.
Note, though, that as I am the one planning the party, the percentage
of right-leaning political bloggers in attendance will probably be
quite high . If this will shock and offend you, perhaps this is not
the party for you."