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Monday, June 11, 2007

Brother Colson, Meet the Fathers

My crusading mother and I had breakfast this morning with Chuck Colson, iconic founder of Prison Fellowship. I admire this man. He has he committed his life to the spread of the Gospel in dark places. He has also concerned himself with our poor culture in the pure way that requires the collaboration of confessing Christians, as manifest once and for all by his couragious signature on that watershed document, Evangelicals and Catholics Together. This was not an easy thing for him to do, and I have long applauded him for it.

Mr. Colson informed us this morning that his commitment to Christ's Church and its confrontation of the culture is currently expressing itself in a popular book that he is writing on Patristic doctrines, in collaboration with Tom Oden, and some other good scholars- "The Faith Once Delivered," due out this February. Colson said that he is passionate about modern Christians being able to define what Christianity really is. -Exciting for the Evangelical world, and for all of us. I thanked him for this effort from the bottom of my heart.