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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Catholic Home

Holy Whapping has posted today on key elements of the true Ecclesia Domestica. Some of the suggestions given include (ahem):

A chapel with large crucifix, individual kneelers, a Marian alcove shrine, and of course a statue of Saint Francis
Lots of bedrooms. Gotta have room for kids and the occasional Paschal Guest.-
A kitchen with a BIG table for gathering (think of the scene from "Saturday Night Fever.")

A very large fireplace. Or, in more temperate climes, a pleasant outdoor space with a nice tile floor and a fountain.

A small chapel. A large kitchen. Gargoyles on the eaves. And a brewery.

A priest hole. And a wine cellar.

A little prayer niche.

A loving spouse.

A studio, to practice the tricky liturgical dance routines.A rack for the guitars and tambourines and perhaps even a corner for the drum kit.An extra large garage to keep the boat in, for when those friendly lady ordinands come calling.Felt banners. Everywhere.

A piano and maybe a few other instruments in case of impromptu jam sessions, as happened at my grandfather's wake a few years ago.Lots of cabinets and shelves for storage. A large-ish family who often have guests are going to need a good-sized linen closet and plenty of places to store toys, school supplies, bulk foods, etc. I have yet to meet a house that had enough storage space, even for people who try to avoid being materialistic.There should be a door from the garage into the kitchen, and as few stairs as possible to the kitchen. I grew up in a house where the garage was a room, a hallway, and two flights of stairs away from the garage, and carrying groceries from the car was a hugely unpleasant task.Also, a very large refrigerator and freezer.
61 inch DLP HDTVyou know, for EWTN.Also the HWTN would (hopefully) have Fr. Ted in HD.

At least one stained glass window. And the "chapel" would have to be far removed from the smoke detector so incense could be used.

Location within walking distance of both a Catholic Church (along the procession route, so we could decorate for Corpus Christi), and a mom-and-pop grocery store (with bonus points if it's Italian or otherwise ethnic).
... Chime in here.