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Monday, September 03, 2007

A little note from MM

Dear friends and readers,

A few of you have remarked lately that this little blog has taken on a tone that is a bit more bellicose than in the days when I first started blogging. So, this is a good time to re-define and reform my role as a blogger. As a graduate student at Yale about two years ago, this blog offered a great opportunity to keep up with friends who blog, to explore the devotional life of catholicity, and to respond to gender issues, contemporary Christology, and political theology in ways that were not always welcome in Yale classrooms. Since that time, several things have changed in my life, and these changes are more and more frequently expressed here. First, and most significantly, I have been received from evangelical and high church Anglicanism into the Roman Catholic Church. I cannot adequately explain here the joy, consolation, and renewal in my love and understanding of Christ that has followed this decision. I love being a Catholic, and it’s inevitable that my posts will begin to reflect more and more of explicitly Catholic doctrine as I grow in the tradition that God has called me to embrace. They say that converts, and especially young converts, can sometimes be annoying- so I can offer an apology in advance for any and all occasions of what may sound like belligerence. Pray for me! I am another sinner being saved by grace, and each and every day I need to be conformed more and more to the gentleness and grace of Jesus.

Secondly: I am entering my last full year of course work as a graduate student in theology, and I am focusing more and more on comparisons and contrasts between key Catholic and Protestant doctrines, particularly with regard to justification and atonement. Since this topic will be taking up more and more of my time, our readers will be seeing more and more posts on point from me. I will always try to phrase these posts as clearly, honestly, and charitably as possible. I hope that our readers will feel free to correct me when I fall short of this goal! I also would ask our readers to read these posts with generosity and compassion for my explorations in history and doctrine. We all have a lot to learn, and this blog- thanks to your commentary- is definitely a valuable learning tool for me.

I have always wanted this blog to be a place where the courteous conversation is stimulating, but more than anything I want this blog to reflect conversation appropriate to those who stand with the saints to proclaim Christ the Lord. The point of this blog is to honor Jesus and His passionate love for His Church, in her presently disparate but beautiful reality. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by, whenever and however you choose- I give thanks for all of you!