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Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the Proper Possibility of Return

"Protestantism is always the question, the objection, the provisional mode of protest that takes place within the wider presupposition of the givenness of the Catholic church. It is always protestants who must justify their identity as non-Catholics rather than the other way round.

And this means that we cannot assume the perpetual existence of protestantism. We must be open to the possibility of the end of protestantism if we are to be true to the aims of the Reformers themselves."
HT: Faith and Theology

"Whatever is good in the Protestant tradition are the remnants of Catholicism that remain within...Protestants are (on the whole) Catholics gone wrong; that is what is really meant by their saying that they are Christians. Sometimes they have gone very wrong; but not often have they have gone right ahead with their own particular wrong. Thus a Calvinist is really a Catholic obsessed with the Catholic idea of the sovereignty of God.

...But when he makes it mean that God wishes particular people to be damned, we may say with all restraint that he has become a rather morbid Catholic."

G.K. Chesterton, The Catholic Church and Conversion