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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And We're Back

Things have been so quiet here lately because the chatterbox of this blog, MM, has been spending the past week with the VP of the Anglican Use Society and family in the little French country town pictured above. It was an amazing time, and there is a lot to report about happenings following the Anglican Use Pilgrimmage, which Andrew so kindly describes below.

Let's just say that the generosity and expansiveness of the Catholic Church's Pastoral Provision for Episcopalians seems to be teetering on the brink of monumental glad tidings. Anglicans, and especially young Anglicans, will do well to keep an eye on Bishop Peter Elliot of Australia and to be formed by the beautiful sentiments of Fr. Steenson. We would all do well to pray with increasing devotion that Christ would move His Church into its true and proper, Rock-founded unity in our time.

And another thing: the Church in France is alive and well, contrary to what we hear from travellers who may not get beyond Paris. In the towns inhabited by real French people, the Church stands at the center of the community in more ways than one. On this past Sunday, I was (closely) flanked in a (packed) Mass by Benedictines, lay orders, teenagers, and children who snuggled next to their daddies in prayer. Praise be.