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Friday, November 02, 2007

Yale Divinity School, circa 1965

A friend of mine stopped by YDS for a lecture on "sacred spaces" last week, and sent these remarks from two octagenarian nuns whose work involves remodeling churches and chapels for modern use and values: "I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in humanity." Some of the enlightening remarks given are listed below...

"We are bringing into being environmental theology...ritual space exists as experiential context."

"Having removed the confessionals and the shrines there were valuable windows for the purposes of light...the same space under the balcony was to have intimate lighting, much like a pub, with chairs, so if you want a place to talk this would be it."

"We changed the structure of this Church. Instead of facing inwards, when you come in you now see the woods."

Shades of Nietzsche!... We have art so that we won't die in Reality... Tee hee.