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Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh Dear.

From Rowan Williams’ famous lecture, “The Body’s Grace”, presented to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement in 1989.

“In a great many cultural settings, the socially licensed norm of heterosexual intercourse is a perversion.”

- Note the archbishop's grammar. He is not talking about rape or incest as a perversion; Williams is suggesting that we flirt with the idea that "the socially licensed norm of heterosexual intercourse" may not actually be God's great and intrinsically good gift for the building of the family, and the extension of the Church for the benefit of the world, but may rather be, in itself (how fun!)... a "perversion."

I call this an occasion for intellectual auto eroticism, which I think is (given Williams' position in the world) almost as great a sin as the auto eroticism of homosexual activity.

No wonder Anglicanism, in all its manifestations, has been running in circles for far too long.

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