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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Insidious! Chilling!

A British Labour MP wants his government to enforce mandatory population control à la China's infamous "one child" policy in order to combat global warming, as reported by the Catholic Herald. The MP, Brent Gardiner, praised China's contribution to "reducing it's carbon footprint" by its birth-control policy, despite the fact that (1) China is one of the world's leading polluters and (2) the policy predates serious concern about global warming. Isn't this the same evil "utopianism" that allowed the Nazi's to perpetrate some of the most heinous crimes against human dignity ever witnessed?

To transition lightly from reportage to rant: This is the same thing that concerns me about the Democratic ticket in this year's election. Obama with his 100% NARAL rating and promise of universal healthcare may usher in similar policies. What will happen when there is no money in the bank to pay for your child's pre-natal care, birth, upbringing, and especially if the child is handicapped in some way?