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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sum of the Matter

Where briars grow, unwary sheep,
Befogged by hungry need,
Entangle fleece in thickets where
We only thought to feed.
The Shepherd comes to set us free
From snares of piercing thorn.
Released, we are made whole, but look-
The Shepherd's hands are torn.

On every bare and rocky height,
His sheep in safety graze.
God shelters us from wind and rain
And from the sun's bright blaze.
The Shepherd pastures us in peace,
To living waters leads.
All hurts now healed, we are at rest-
But see, the Shepherd bleeds.

For He has other sheep than these,
Who have not heard His voice,
But when the last are gathered in-
The heavens will rejoice.

... As I've heard from a few of our readers, it is high time for MM to cease this little series of reactions to the summer's Anglican enterprises, as these reactions have apparently have been Most Annoying. So I must apologize for any Annoyance taken, with the caveat that it is a bloggish prerogative to be Annoying sometimes. I have lately been posting the sorts of things that were helpful to me in leaving the tremors of life in ECUSA behind, and which I hope may be helpful to my brothers and sisters in Christ who are waiting to live life in His Church to the fullest. Much love to you all-