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Saturday, August 23, 2008

For Christ Alone: Thinking about Mary 101

The Medjugorge Locutions II

"...Besides the Rosary, Our Lady insisted on silence; to listen to others, not to remain inactive. This makes of us a gift for others. I think that it is rather difficult to do for our human existence, because we tend to be protagonists, however, also the prayer of listening teaches us to adore, and to understand who the true Author of life is.

Penance must be the travelling companion of prayer; it becomes the prayer of the body. The word penance is barely present in our vocabulary today; we think that we suffer enough already and that there is no need for other forms of suffering. However, it seems that penance, especially in a moment of laziness or spiritual sleep, is what gives us a shake to permit us to get up and move on.

Little children ask their mothers for everything, but when they mature, they have to know how to stay in the Lord's presence and accept what He gives. Silence and continuous prayer is necessary so as not to lose this presence which accompanies us in the heart.

You have to nourish this type of experience, this continuous prayer, with fixed moments of prayer, because even if there is a presence which accompanies us, it will disappear if it is not nourished. So, we have to pray in fixed moments.

The prayer group is practically an inevitable experience for one's spiritual growth. It is not possible to imagine a faith walk on one's own. God calls us to communion with others; thus we are called to be in a prayer group. This could be the family, but the family should be the prayer group where we first receive our spirituality. Then there is the parish because it is our most immediate Church; within the parish there are various groups. I'm only saying how it is necessary, the type of group depends on your individual spirituality. The Rosary is always very useful, as is spontaneous prayer, but the reading of the Bible is important because our prayer must not be arbitrary. Its contents must be precise, it must be the revealed word, not like in oriental religions where the mind wanders. We have to stick to the Gospel. We also need a moment in which we can exchange experiences, to encourage each other. This is communion with God, but also with each other.

The presence of God brings much peace and tranquillity, and a sense of freedom and fullness. The presence of the devil brings much anxiety and darkness.

Guides are too precious; people need guides, even if the world yells out, 'freedom and independence'. When guides are lacking, people are attracted by a lot of wrong things. We need someone to push us onwards; the youth in particular need a guide. It is something precious to have someone who gives you light. Our Lady has always said that groups should have a spiritual guide."