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Monday, October 27, 2008

Saint Robert Bellarmine, 1542-1621

This is the Jesuit theologian and cardinal who, as a true reformer of the Church, engaged a significant dialogue with Martin Luther. The story goes that he would faithfully lodge in prison from time to time with those who had been condemned to death by the civil sphere for their heresies.

"In this world is not found a greater evil than sin; for not only do evils in this life, and in the life to come spring from it; but also, sin is the cause by which man becomes an enemy to God. And what can be said to be worse, than to be an enemy unto Him, who can do all that He will, and non can resist Him... and contrariwise, in this life a greater good cannot be found than to be in grace; for who can hurt him, whom God defendeth, all things being in His hands?"

- A Relation of the Solemnities, 1601