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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dallas Ordains Two Bishops

Monsignor Mark Seitz and Father Douglas Deshotel were ordained as Assistant Bishops for the Diocese of Dallas yesterday at the beautiful Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It was glorious; I turned down my invitation as a 3OP postulant, and instead joined the standing room only crowd outside of the Cathedral, which was really the best place to be. We stood in the sunshine, surrounded by the sounds of drums, clapping, and dancing, and watched the procession enter the sanctuary. As they passed by, we were just feet away from the sixty+ young seminarians who followed behind the crucifer, Archbishop Jose' Gomez, Cardinal DiNardo, Bishop Ferrel, and hundreds of diocesan priests. The crowd outside freely called to their favorite priests and applauded their pastors and confessors as they passed. It was an amazing congregation; there was the little Indian priest who valiantly offers daily Mass and two daily confessions at the chapel of St. Jude for the workers and homeless downtown, there was Msgr. Zimmerman, who presides over one of the wealthiest parishes in the world, there was Fr. Roch and his fellow Cistercians, wise and kind, and our own pastor, Fr. John, who cares for over six thousand families and remains cheerful about it.

Working at home yesterday afternoon, I listed to Bishop Ferrel's homily over the radio and was struck by his clarion call for the ordinands to devote themselves to their own prayer and study of the Scripture, so that they might better preach the Gospel and assist the laity, their revered co-laborers in Christ's mission in the world. In turn, the new suffragan bishops addressed the faithful before giving their first espicopal blessings, and they thanked their families most of all for teaching them to love the Church, unconditionally.

Truly, we are blessed here in Dallas by the presence of two such holy men to represent Christ our Shepherd to the hundreds of thousands of Christians in Dallas who need their leadership. Praise be.