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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Indulgences Cont'd.

I recently found an excellent post on indulgences at Aimee Milburn Cooper's blog "Historical Christian." The post is entitled, "For Daily Growth in Holiness, the Beautiful Spiritual Practice of ... Indulgences."Link
I really like the author's conclusion, which hints at the direction of my dissertation:

"One last note: The doctrine of indulgences is a beautiful example of the Church truly acting authoritatively as the agent of God, the channel of His grace, binding and loosing, forgiving sins and dispensing rivers of grace from Christ for all who come and ask. For me, as a member of the Church and her ingrafted child, I intend to make use of this beautiful grace. I think I need it, and I think the whole Body will benefit from it.

I hope you will, too. It is a gift the Church has freely given us. Let us come to know, use, and love this gift, daily and well, and spread knowledge of it, and so spread its use among the children of our Mother the Church, our brothers and sisters in Christ and members of our own Body. Let us humbly, with awareness of our sinfulness and littleness, ask our Father in Heaven to daily indulge us, by daily lavishing upon us the riches, merits, and grace of Christ, so that we may be increasingly freed of the effects and consequences of sin, and increasingly made holy, pure and beautiful in the grace of Christ, so that His features may be carved in us, and seen in us, more and more clearly. In pursuing and growing in holiness and grace, we truly will not only help uplift the Church, but help uplift each other and the whole world, by making Christ visible and knowable in the world - which we so need today, and which our Mother the Church is calling for us to do."