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Friday, November 18, 2005

Culture Pop: FOCUS

Fr. WB and I drove down to Greenwich last night to learn more about FOCUS, a ministry to young people in private secondary schools. This group is young, enthusiastic, relational, and self-giving evangelism par excellence, and may be best understood as the equivalent of Young Life high school ministries, but tailored to the needs of the Prep set. FOCUS, as described in their mission statement...

"FOCUS, the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools, is a diverse community of students, parents, faculty, clergy, professionals, and business people from a variety of Christian denominations drawn together by a common faith and purpose. Our purpose is to share with independent school students a life rooted in God that is real, adventurous, intellectually sound, and eminently practical"...

... is awesome. We should all support them in our prayers and efforts. Everyone with an extra hour of time on their hands needs to be reaching out to a high school student in some way. This is Probably Critical for the church. It is certainly critical for the young people who so need to know how much our Lord loves them.

Check out this link to learn about volunteering with FOCUS. Way to go, guys!