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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

In the spirit of Epiphany's sense of hopeful revelation, I think I will focus Wednesday's prayer segment thing on the duty of vocational discernment.

First: It's terrifying.

Second: You find this kind of conversation popping up most frequently in The Liturgical Traditions, as my good friend SE laments; good, great, necessary thing that he is focussing his work lately on preparing a more robust sense of vocational guidance in the Protestant millieu. (Its not just marriage or missions, people.)

Lately: My precious dad has lately seen fit to arrange conversations between his myriad children and Mr. Bobb Biehle on this topic, who has served as a founding consultant for the vigorous Focus on the Family, NASA, and others- if that's what it takes. I am so grateful for the chance to go over My Sense of Calling with this insightful author. I commend you to his book Why You Do What You Do; and here is a brief synopsis of some of his most poignant remarks-

1) The Fourth grade was the most formative year of your life; reflect on what you were doing then, and you have a pretty good picture of the kinds of life youre subconsciously seeking now.

2) Avoid the following at all costs in your discernment lifestyle: fatigue, fog, and flirtations.

3) Ask yourself: "I never tire of doing X..."

4) Ask yourself: "What do I admire most in others..." and then recognize that this admiration indicates a similiar capacity of your own.