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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Culture Pop: Why I Could Kiss Joshua Harris

... this attractive young man gave me no end of grief when I was about twelve, newly arrived back into society after a Sheltered Childhood on my father's ranch, and Had To Deal With Boys. Naturally, it was the J. Harris material (not tweeds, unfortunately, but a glossy manuscript) which found its way, among others, into my bewildered and willful hands. I Kissed Dating Good-Bye didnt last long, however, since it was a distant cousin of Josh's who stole his first kiss from me at a homeschooling party...

Anyway, the author who made a definitive moment in the life of many an evangelical young person has produced a startling, wonderful, maybe miraculous presentation entitled Stop Dating the Church! Falling in Love with the Family of God. I havent read it, but the gesture is breathtaking. A Young, Protestant Evangelical Ecclesiology?!!?! Can it be? Look at the blurb:

Christ gave his life for the church, but many of us find it difficult to serve her for an hour or two a week. In Stop Dating the Church best-selling author Joshua Harris boldly challenges us to stop looking for churches that suit our lifestyle and expecting churches to meet our superficial needs. Instead, we should learn to love the church and serve her sacrificially. Take this opportunity to fully commit yourself to the church in the same in the same way that a bride commits herself to the groom.

If any of you read it, say so, pronto.