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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Prayer Books

Fr. WB is leading a pack of his young faithful through their first meeting to discuss the history and proper use of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (hereafter, affectionately, "BCP") tonight. As one who was raised to prize spontaneity and emotion in prayer, I've often recoiled from a black-bound book which Tells You What To Say at certain times, in certain ways, and what's more, In Response to Someone Else. But as Fr. WB gently urges me time and time again, "it's good for you." It's true. We Anglicans pray from a book for the following reasons, as I see it-

1) You don't have to be creative on a bad day, and thus you lose your excuse of Having Nothing to Say to our Lord, which is just so lame anyway. Say what the Church tells you to, for Pete's sake. But mainly, just show up and be obedient and pray.

2) Its all from Scripture! - so you get to pray and learn all at once, and you KNOW you'll be praying the right things.

3) Its really beautiful. You should see-

Viva praying from books, I'm thinking... in honor of Fr. WB's newest thing with the ECY kids, a link to the BCP is going into my sidebar. Feel free to use it.