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Monday, February 13, 2006

Why I Love Bella Roma:

1) I like Romans. They have that liassez-faire bon vivant kind of thing that comes with a glib sense of not having to earn one's salvation. Who would take so much time on and around their fountains but people who, by virtue of taking the words of Scripture seriously, knew they were safely in the Kingdom because of their baptism, showed up to be fed weekly to sustain them on their journey, and then got on with it. No worries about salvation. Plenty of time to build fountains.

2) Because our worship has a history. It’s two thousand years old. And in Rome, you can see the remnants of it in doors, windows, frescoes. In a modern culture which looks to antiquity for credibility, we Church folk should rejoice at such evidence. People have been singing the praises of Jesus, sharing the Gospel, tending to the poor and freeing the captives in His name, etc. etc., for millennia.

3) Because in Rome, when one looks over the Tiber at Michelangelo’s softly gleaming Dome, or nods to long-robed Servants of the Church, or notes the arrival of annoying buses full of pilgrims, one can remember that we Christians, are in fact, a nation, a people called apart from the scattered among the Kingdoms of the world to live in our own waiting Kingdom among our countrymen. How appropriate that such an incarnated, spiritual polis should have a capital city.

I'm back! is of your blog author, early AM at our villa on the Gianiculum Hill.