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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Well, that was trash"

...overheard among fellow theater goers last night while walking out of the (tedious) DaVinci Code... really, enough said.

But I would add this befuddled question (with nods to Garland for his excellent post on point above), can Dan Brown not COUNT? Even assuming the asinine idea that anyone would refer to Da Vinci for basic points of The Real Christianity, there are TWELVE disciples present and accounted for in Da Vinci's lovely depiction of the Last Supper, at the critical moment when Jesus breaks bread... as in the Gospel account, they all are there- Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholemew, Thomas, James, Matthew, Simon, Judas, and Thaddaeus. Sorry, no room for the sainted Mary Mag in the painting, which would would of course = thirteen.