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Sunday, July 23, 2006

An Ego the Size of Mt. Blanc: Lurkers, Show Yourselves

I am sitting in FR. WB's office at church on Sunday morning while he celebrates his second Mass of the day. I snuck out, since I have already attended one Mass + preliminary Morning Prayer. I am confused as to my role- some women insist that you only attend one service per day if your Priested Other must perform at several, but those in the Very Very camp say that if your Priested Other desires your presence for four hours of Mass, you had dang well better show up. Fr. WB seems to fall in the latter category, but the mind begins to wander around the third Epistle reading of the morning, and I tend to indulge the notion that my Savior sort of LIKES my restless nature and the sudden impulse to go stare at the clouds, so out of the sanctuary I scampered.

Which finds me pondering my favorite hobby, THE BLOG. In the midst of my current insecurities re My Role avec my Priested Other, I am wondering about the role of this forum in the blogosphere as well.

Do I have lurkers, I wonder? Give a girl a hand. Lurkers, show yourselves. Who are you and why in the world do you visit here, of all places....?