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Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Good Things at Yale

... whenever I have to field complaints about "the total loss of the Ivy League to Satan," as though God's arm had grown quite small, I like to remind people of such initiatives as those of the Evangelical Fellowship at Yale Divinity School, "an ecumenical campus group committed to creedal orthodoxy, the trustworthiness of Scripture, the central importance of a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and the call to share the gospel with all people."

Later this week, for instance, the group will be hosting a visit of the fabled and fabulous Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of the "First Things" magazine. InterVarsity at Yale is co-sponsoring Fr. Nehaus' talk with the Yale Political Union on the subject "Separation of Church and State is Bad for America."

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus will be at Yale on Tuesday, Sept 19th, 7:30pm, location TBA. Comment here for more specifics. If any of you are lucky enough to be reading from the Northeastern Corridor, I would say this sort of thing is very much worth a drive to New Haven...