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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Week of Catholicity at Theology of the Body

Mid September is upon us, and most of we young people who stand with the saints to proclaim Christ the Lord in our dim, darkening culture are once again, after the summer hiatus, about the daily routines in which we work for Christ's Kingdom. To get this little Blog back on track, I am proposing that the coming week be devoted to reflections on the basic faith and practice that unite us as the agents and servants of Christ's Body, the Church universal. Thereafter, this blog will resume something of its original routine: saints on Sunday, reflection on the life of the Church on Mondays, reflection on the outworking of the Church's mission on Tuesdays, practices of prayer and ministry on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and reflections on the persecuted church on Fridays, etc. We will also be delving into some more apologetics from time to time.

But for this week, Lord willing, let's reflect together on the foundations of what it means to be and act like a Christian. As ever, we welcome your comments, concerns, and suggestions. And we will respond in love.