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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Running With Scissors

I went to see this rather dark movie last week. It is not the sort of film that I would usually choose for myself, and sure enough, it was about half an hour into the thing that I began to squirm and wish that the onslaught of depictions of harried, BROKEN, insane people and families would just go away. This movie shows it all. As Fr. WB and I discussed as we departed at the conclusion of the film, "Running with Scissors" depicts the reality of original sin: the insanity that we suffer, and the consequent, crazy pain that we can inflict upon one another.

I have been stewing over an enormous paper to be written for the end of the term on the difference between being declared righteous and being truly made righteous, and the ways in which these (seemingly) competing notions inform Protestant/Catholic debates. I think that Aquinas might build a bridge. It is a convoluted project, but my advisor is excited about it, so I persist. Aquinas is clear: we must be made ready for Heaven. We must be re-constituted, re-made, so that we can stand in the presence of our God and live to tell about it. In His sheer grace, God requires and permits us to participate in our own salvation here and now.

After walking out of this film, I was so struck by this. In God's mercy, and in Christ, we are re-named. But oh people. We have GOT to be re-made.