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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So the Democrats are taking the House

... from an early glance at this morning. An excellent opportunity for Concerned Christian Citizens to exercise putting our priorities in order.

We "are," essentially speaking, neither Conservatives nor Liberals nor Republicans nor Democrats, nor anything in between. We are Christians. Our ultimate concern is for the Kingdom of God- not the US government- and our ultimate loyalty is to Christ- not our party's agenda, whatever that may be. It remains to us to vote, to pray, to assess calmly whether our representatives are adhering to Catholic social teaching, to advocate accordingly, and then to move calmly on our pilgrim way. We citizens of the Christ's everlasting Church reside as aliens in this national culture in order simply to bear witness to the Savior and to bless and to serve His creatures. Period. Really, His Kingdom is not of this world. Really.