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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Christmas Prayer

Joyful and Rejoicing God,
You who loved first,
Giver of every perfect Gift,
We thank you for your Son.

We rejoice, because by the Incarnation of your Son you have raised every person near to yourself.

We rejoice, because the Savior who is born gives His life for our redemption, and keeps a Kingdom where all is freedom, and all is peace.

We rejoice with those whose memories are alive and well in our midst, and we ask that in your grace, they in their peace may rejoice with us in our hope.

We rejoice on Christmas Day because now we know the extent of your reach to this world that you love; and we ask, bless us, for the sake of Christ, our God with us.


(A friend needed one for a public proclamation pronto, so I put this together. Readers, how did I do...?)