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Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Minute Advent II: The Church's Christmas List

...we ought to conform even our gift-giving to the proclamation of Christ. Thus, as Scripture insists that "we give to each his due," here are some helpful guidelines from the Catechism regarding the appropriate distribution of Holiday Cheer.

To God- total self-abandonement, trust, worship, adoration, praise, thanksgiving, and love.

To Parents-honor, gratitude, docility, generosity, forgiveness, affection, charity, support in distress.

To the Elderly- honor, affection, gratitude, compansionship in lonliness.

To Siblings and Friends- filial respect for the dignity of the other self, gratitude for encouragement in the faith, chastity, grace, solidarity, self-mastery for the other, spiritual communion.

To the Poor- active assistance as unto Christ, denial of immoderate love of wealth, justice and charity, instruction, advice, consolation, comfort, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned.

To Spouses- the total surrender and gift of self, aiming at a deeply personal unity, indissolubility, and faithfulness in definitive mutual giving.

To Children- education, provision, spiritual formation, respect as human persons and children of God, the provision of a tender, forgiving, respectful, serving home.