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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Allow me to brag a little...

True humility, St. Thomas says, permits one to recognize excellence fully and unabashadly when and if excellence is enjoyed for its own sake.

So. I feel quite justified in saying, if I may, that this humble blog simply rocks. Take a glance at our newly updated list of contributors. These fathers and brothers in Christ are some of the most up and coming, devout, brilliant followers of Jesus and servants of the Church in our universe, and I am so pleased that they have agreed to help make Vocatum a conversant and educational place for standing with the saints to proclaim our Lord.

Brief Introductions:

Fr. Matthew and Fr. Nelson are Anglican priests under the age of 30, both fulfilling their pastoral duties in local cures with courage.

Lux Intellectus is a bright star and doctoral student in academic theology.

LDMiller is a dynamic Evangelical pastor who is completing his work in seminary.

Gentlemen, thank you for all that you do.