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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Friends in the News

"MM, you have been slacking on the blog!"
These words in my inbox this morning. It's true and I am sorry. No one misses blogging more than I. Staying for a week on the outer boglands of northern Ireland has not helped, but this little Vocatum endeavor should be up and kicking again towards the end of this week, with some new contributor invitations going out to a lucky few, and (hopefully) another year of witnessing to Christ the Lord in the 'sphere.

But enough about me. Our friends have been remarkable busy since Christmas, and they deserve a little attention.

First, warmest congratulations to our contributor Eirenopoios, who was ordained an Episcopal priest in Christ's one holy Church in mid December. As his blog name suggests, this lovely man is sure to be an ideal, peacemaking pastor in the Church for the benefit of the waiting world, and I thrilled for him and for Mrs. Eirenopoios! (commentary associated with this new priest can be viewed at The Propoganda Box.)

Secondly, kudos, as ever, to Vocatum's brother-blog, Whitehall, where Fr. WB holds court. Fr. WB's impressive musings were deservedly nominated to win in the "Most Theological" category of the 2007 Anglican Blog Awards. Everyone who reads here should trot over there from time to time, digestion permitting.

And finally, a fond farewell to our erestwhile contributor Garland, whose writings here have landed him a position in greener and more august pastures, with those devoted souls who are busy shoring up the remains of Anglo Catholicism. We will miss him and wish him well!