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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Because we are but men

"We are but men; and it is therefore a temptation incident to men that we should hold views at variance with the truth on any point. But to come through too great love for our own opinion, or through jealousy of our betters, even to the sacrilege of dividing the communion of the Church, and of founding heresy or schism, is a presumption worthy of the devil. But never in any point to entertain an opinion at variance with the truth is perfection found only in the angels. Since then we are men, yet forasmuch as in hope we are angels, whose equals we shall be in the resurrection, Matthew 22:30 at any rate, so long as we are wanting in the perfection of angels, let us at least be without the presumption of the devil."

Augustine, On Baptism, II.5