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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shoring Up: The End of the Anglican Communion?

I had dinner last night with two of the most ardent young Anglican men that I know- and I know a lot of them. Anglicans like these all inspire me. These men are like warriors in love with Christ and they wish to do battle for His Body. Why are there so many such ardent young men flocking around the earthquakes within the Anglican Communion? -We discussed this. I think it's because the Anglican Communion offers a battlefield ready for the making of modern heroes, and this kind of battle invites and requires... men.

In this regard, the author of Pontifications and FR. WB have recently posted in response to George Weigel's statements on "The end of the Anglican Communion," here: "the Anglican Communion (is) now fracturing into a gaggle of quarreling communities no longer in communion with each other," etc.

I may have been one of the first to ask Weigel to address this issue, as he did publicly off the cuff at a dinner party this past Fall. Weigel's words at the time were these:

MM: "What's the future of the Anglican Communion, George?"

George: "- Anglicans, sell out while you can. Catholics will be generous and charitable."

Weigel is a king of such sound bites.

This is the time when faithful Anglicans need effective sound bites too. So: for those who are heading off to battle, why do it? What's so great about being Anglican? (non Anglican readers, feel free to weigh in here as well)

I will start the thread: -ahem-

It's great to be Anglican because

1) Anglicanism is old and beautiful
2) Anglicanism retains much of the catholicity of Christianity while allowing for the robust exercise of private judgment
3) Anglicans are in full communion with the likes of Richard Hooker and C.S. Lewis...

Your turn.