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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meet your Friendly Vocatum Contributors

OK esteemed colleagues, I hereby command that each of us contributors introduce ourselves to our readers via the most noteworthy A-Z Meme. Just create a personal post that fills in all of the blanks. The world is waiting to learn a little bit more about a very young and highly ecumenical gathering of Anglo Catholic Episcopal priests, one evangelical pastor, and a bunch of grad students working in theology (-that's who we are, by the way).

So have at it rock stars, and post a photo or two... and be sure to tag some friends when you fill out your meme questions. Ready... set... Go.

Best feature:
Chore I Hate:
Dog or Cat:
Essential Electronics:
Favorite Cologne(s):
Gold or Silver:
Job Title:
Living arrangements:
Most admirable trait:
Nemesis, arch:
Overnight hospital stays:
Time I wake up:
Unusual talent or skill:
Vegetable I refuse to eat:
Worst habit:
Yummy stuff I cook:
Zany extras: