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Friday, May 18, 2007

Jesus said *feed* my sheep

In the ongoing and often terrifying enterprise of evangelism, there are truly few practices that work as well as good food. Offering someone something to eat is just so disarming, because it communicates love in so many ways: here is a gift for you; here is my service to you; here is a compliment to your company and tastes. Every little act of love opens the doors a little bit wider for Christ to come in.

I've long since known that the best way to get the attention of bad little boys who need Christ is through T-bone steaks, macaroni and cheese, creamed spinach, and cherry clafoutille for desert; this is the advantage of being the big sister of four younger brothers. In college, we IVCF people would distribute homemade cookies to every dorm room on the days before exams. But recently, I've been learning even more about the evangelical advantages of providing food. While acting as a TA for dozens of university students this semester (many of whom had fashionably signed on to 'agnosticism') it was fun to see the impact that homemade snacks could have on their attitude in class.

Whipping up evangelical treats :) for others can be as simple and easy as opening your kitchen and getting creative with what's available; it's a matter of little twists with basic things. For instance:

1. Transform ordinary chocolate chip cookie dough into a batch of exotic chocolate- espresso cookies by heating the dough in the microwave for one minute- long enough for the chips to melt. Stir well to distribute the melted chocolate, and add a few tablespoons of instant coffee. These do best as teeny tiny cookie drops.

2. Dress up regular brownies with a thin layer of raspberry or apricot jam spread across the top, then top with chocolate icing- instant sacher tort.

3. Caramel Corn balls are so easy: pop a bag of instant popcorn and douse it with Karo corn syrup. Form into balls with well-buttered hands.

4. Make instant merengue for topping lemon bars or other fruity treats by melting a bag of large marshmallows in 1/2 cup of boiling milk (remove from heat as soon as the mixture bubbles and froths).

Happy Evangelism :)
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