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Friday, June 22, 2007

My Second Favorite Week of the Year...

Next to Holy Week, my new favorite week of the year is the St. Michael's Conference, where MM and I will be on the faculty this coming week. She will be teaching a course on evangelisation and I will be teaching a course entitled "Defense Against the Dark Arts."

To whet the appetite a bit, I decided to post the Keynote slides from the first session of the course, entitled Demons and Their Defeat. I will try to post the rest later. Many thanks to Peter Kreeft's wonderful little book Angels (and Demons), for a great deal of help with this subject.

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in the day of Battle.

MM Says: I am off for Camp tomorrow! The night before camp is a big deal... I have not felt this way since I was a child. I have towels, a clean toothbrush, and my sneakers all packed into my duffel bag... and a book bag full of my course materials for the kiddos. Friends, please do pray for the faculty, counselors, and campers of the St. Michael's Conference SW. This is a serious time. In addition to being something like Hogwarts Academy for Christians, it's a time for the young people to return their hearts to Christ in a very serious way, and it's an important time of their being equipped to do serious things in the very real Kingdom of God. It's a time for them to be called to do serious things for the Kingdom of God. It's clear to me that we who will be working with these precious young people next week are investing in some of the Father's most elite movers and shakers. Their Father in Heaven loves them so much. Pray for open hearts for all, for strong protection, for sound teaching, for good communication, for peace, and for lasting impressions as the campers are exposed to some of the riches that the Church has to offer.