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Monday, July 30, 2007

The best theological bookstore I've ever visited

Last week, on a trip to a town in Nebraska that has no traffic lights, no wireless internet, and only one cell phone carrier (not mine), my wife and I stopped at a bookstore in Wichita, Kansas that a friend had recommended to us, Eighth Day Books. It is, by far, the best theological bookstore I've ever visited; they had just about everything -- great patristic stuff, wonderful philosophical works, classic theological texts, liturgical studies, spirituality books, etc. If you read their catalog (which is available as a .pdf on their site or can be mailed to you) you'll notice that they review their books on their own, which means they read them. I could have spent hours and $$$ in the store as they had several books that I've only seen in academic libraries.

The prices were nice too, as they were willing to negotiate with me on a book that I wanted.

So if you ever have reason to drive through Wichita, make sure to budget some time and money to stop by this wonderful little bookstore (though you can also order from them on-line).